Getting back to my better self

Day 142/ 365

I am doing much better than this past emotional weekend that I had and also better than yesterday 🙂 It takes time but I am taking steps to help myself be more positive and happier. I love hot yoga but my hot yoga studio is closed so yesterday I made a decision to do an online yoga video every single day (beachbody on demands’s 3 week yoga retreat) before I finish my day to help me with my energy (as I literally used to get my positive energy from my yoga classes). These online videos are obviously not the same experience – but it’s still something and it only takes a half hour and I am just happy to be moving my body in some way as it really helps with my mood. So yesterday was day 1, core – and I killed it! 🙂 And today was day 2, stretch, and I feel great. I was able to keep up on both days which is awesome. 🙂 I originally taught myself yoga from these videos and I remember I spent atleast a year getting strong enough to follow the entire practice (week 1 of these videos) without having to get out of the poses. I re-did the workouts again and again (on and off) until I was able to do it without taking breaks/doing modifications.

Yesterday was raining but today was better – so I finally walked Mayhem after what feels like such a loooong break! Walking also helps me to be a happier better version of myself… so this is also another decision I made today. Go for a walk everyday! I am going to aim for 10K steps tomorrow (have 8890 so far today). So yesterday I added in yoga to my routine (after being completely off my daily routine for the past week – don’t know how it happened but I somehow ended up completely off my daily routine and not finding enough energy to do anything, including this blog). But, yesterday I added in yoga and today I’ve added in a walk and blogging. And tomorrow I’ll add in more and slowly progress back to where I was a couple weeks ago – feeling SO happy and SO grateful and SO energetic and SO positive about life. I am in a somewhat delicate place with my emotions. When they are positive, they are SO positive. But if something happens to bring me down, it takes me so much time and effort to bring myself back up.

I remember that something happened on Oct 10th to throw me completely off in my flow with life and positivity. On October 8th – I was such a good version of myself. I wrote a post ‘HAPPINESS IS A GIFT TO THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU.’ – which is how I know what I was feeling on that day. I was okay on Oct 9th too – a bit sad but still had a good day. But October 10th is when I started spiralling downwards (one negative thing led to another which led to another) which led to this past weekend – which was TERRIBLE emotionally. And finally I have gained enough energy to pick myself up and re-try 🙂 I can’t wait to go back to my October 8th self – because that is a version of myself that I am completely in love with. That was my best self. I’ve done it before – I’ll do it again. I love myself for not giving up and trying again. Looking forward to the journey. Thank you for reading!

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