I am my ‘why’

Day 140/ 365

So I missed popping in here over the past several days. I’ve been kind of low… I am hoping to do better over the next 225 days (7.5 months) that are left of my 365 day challenge. I still have a significant amount of time left to make some serious and consistent changes (which I really haven’t been able to do as of yet as I find myself not able to maintain my positive energy for more than 1-1.5 weeks max. and I still get depressed very easily). But I want to keep re-trying every single day until I make it 🙂 So here’s to attempt number 141… Each new day is an opportunity for a fresh start. A chance to re-try. A chance to start over and do better. So I’ll keep taking it and hope that one day it lasts.

Today, as I was reading something to help take me out of my depression (as I wasn’t doing so well) – I read something along the lines of you should always know your ‘why.’ So I thought about it. What is my why? Honestly, I couldn’t think of my why. Somedays I can’t even remember it. Especially when I am emotionally at a point where I am too sad to remember. But I am my why. God gave me this beautiful life and I deserve to be able to experience it to it’s fullest. Life is beautiful – there is so much to do, to learn, to experience, to share, to love, to give, to get, to make of it and that is my why. I deserve to have a good life. I am angry about some things – very angry but these are things I can’t control and I have to let them go for my own benefit. Stop focusing on the negative. Let it go. It will destroy you! Focus on what you can control – your life! Your health. Your thoughts. Self-love. Focus on making yourself full so that you don’t ever feel angry at anyone. Anger only comes when I am not happy with myself. If I have even the slightest expectations from someone else, and they don’t get fulfilled – just thinking about that makes me angry. But that’s not right. The self-sabotaging behaviour must stop.

No one is responsible for my happiness except me. I know what makes me happy but over the past several days, I’ve intentionally or unintentionally I don’t know how or why but I neglected to do those things that make me happy. That’s no ones fault except my own. So tomorrow, I am going to wake up to a fresh new day with an intention to make myself happy. When I am happy, it is a g i f t to e v e r y o n e around me. So I have to do this for myself (and for everyone I love). I am my why. I deserve happiness. I deserve love. I deserve to have a fulfilling life. I deserve to do what makes me happy. I deserve to be able to give my best self to the world. I deserve to discover my best self.

Today, I screens shotted 2 uplifting self-love quotes that I want to share here:

  • The greatest love story your heart will ever know is that with itself
  • Know what sparks the light in you, then use it to illuminate the world ❤

I have so much potential… if only I can let go of the anger. Let it go Jasdeep! There is no point. There is nothing in your life you didn’t deserve (the good or the bad). You deserve everything you have and you don’t deserve the things you don’t have. You just don’t. You have e x a c t l y what you deserve. So take the positive leave the negative and refocus.

Thank you for reading and hoping to bring more positivity to my blog (and life) shortly. Stay tuned…

140 down, 225 left to go!

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