True power: finding answers from within yourself

Day 135/ 365

So it’s been a couple days since I checked in here. It’s been a fair split between doing well and not having the time (I still connect with my thoughts during the day and usually write in my iPhone notes app and sometimes don’t have the time to put together and transfer those thoughts to 1 blog post) and actually not doing that well. One lesson I learned (which I’ve also felt before) is that I do much better in my daily life if I make the time to blog daily. Writing just helps me to go through all of my emotions and feelings and thoughts and find a way to stay positive and happy and grateful. That’s what writing has been able to do for me – really make me a better person. So very important NOTE TO MYSELF: Write everyday. Even if there is less to say – start with something. Just check in!!

I will go through my notes that I have from over the past several days and share all that in another post, later. I had some very interesting and insightful thoughts. I learned a lot and realized so much more wisdom. There is so much power in getting the answers from within you. I have a tendency to google all of my problems. I google everything. But there is something different (and so amazing) when answers coming to you (literally) from within you.

When you get your own questions answered – that is a powerful feeling that I can’t describe. To feel and experience that God actually exists within me is the most best feeling I have ever experienced in my entire life. It makes anything else I’ve ever wanted pale in comparison. I am excited to have discovered this feeling and experience I am very much looking forward to explore it further. I truly believe focusing on God is where true happiness lies.

There is no love like God’s love and self-love. No one else can love me like I love myself because I’ll always be there for myself. And no one’s love can compare to God’s love – the truest love of all. I am happy that I am a point in my life where I have truly started to feel and experience God’s love for myself. It’s something to hear from someone else that God’s love is the best kind of love (and subconsciously know and believe/have faith in it) but it’s a completely other thing to actually feel it, experience it and be at a point where I WANT it more than any other kind of love. That’s power! That’s growth. That’s something. Something I am very happy with šŸ™‚

Today’s day was great – work focused. I did go for a 1.5 hour massage which I needed so badly as my entire body was tight and sore today. I mostly focus on yoga and hot yoga as a physical activity – which usually doesn’t cause me any tightness or pain or exhaustion and only has the complete opposite effect (relaxed, more open, free from pain, etc.). But now that my yoga studio is closed, and I actually have a home gym, I decided to change up my exercise routine and add in strength training in addition to some yoga as well. It really did not work in my favour. I think I should have slowly built into it – whereas I worked way too hard on my first workout after a couple months of only hot yoga (and only occasional 10-20 min strength training) to a 1 hour strength training session where I really worked hard! That work definitely shows in my body. When I get up from my chair. When I woke up. I when I walk. When I move!! That was a huge mistake. Consider this a lesson learned – continue to focus on yoga and slowly build my stamina for workouts. Start with less. I’ve had 2 rest days and tomorrow I will definitely do some yoga and we’ll see how I feel about working out. Working out is fun – I am excited to continue on my working out journey. At this point in my life, there is SO much I want to do and SO LITTLE TIME. I am excited to have discovered so many fun and interesting and exciting things to do with my time. Happy where life has brought me šŸ™‚ Looking forward to the next 230 days of this 365 challenge (and the rest of my life – but it’s nice to be able to break life into chunks and manage it that way :))

Thank you for reading!

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