Happiness is a gift to the people around you

Day 130/ 365

I truly believe with all of my being that daily reflections make you and your life better. Because daily you are living with the intention to be better by consciously reflecting on that thought everyday. You are getting a chance to reflect on the day and set an intention for tomorrow, for the week, for the month, for the year, basically for your life because every moment lived adds up to your whole life. I am so grateful for being able to come here and for having a place to share my thoughts, everything I am feeling, anything I learned that day, my reflections on what went right, what maybe went wrong and how I can do better tomorrow, my intentions, my positive energy. I want this to be a positive place I can come back to when I am feeling down and be able to pick myself up knowing that I had that. It’s possible. It was my reality and can be my reality whenever I want it to be. My thought from yesterday: everyday that I get to live is a gift. If we live with the right mindset, then life is so amazing and truly feels like a gift – as it should.

Today, I am thankful to whoever created this platform and came up with the concept of blogging. It is one of the things I am truly grateful for as it is helping me come to a better place mentally and emotionally.

Some lessons/thoughts/feelings/discoveries from today:

Be happy as a gift to the people around you – especially those who care about you. It sends good vibes and good energy and helps make everyone’s day better. My sister has not been doing well over the past couple of weeks due to many contributing factors. Today she came to work (after what feels like a long time) and she was a better and happier version of herself – it gave me so much happiness to see her happy. That’s when I thought about happiness as a gift to my family. I haven’t been living as a happy person for what feels like a very long time (I fluctuate) and it definitely effects my family in a negative way. But when I am happy – it brings the people around me up rather than creating unnecessary stress to their life. So intention for tomorrow (and for the rest of my life): continue to be happy as a gift to the people around me!

Today, I went for an awesome hot yoga class – it was the best class from this week. The instructor from today just brings out the best in my practice. I don’t know why but I am extra energetic in her class and I just do better than usual! I am so thankful for discovering hot yoga. Practicing yoga daily is the best gift I give to myself daily which is truly helping my life to be better in all aspects – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. So thankful!

Today, I ended my day with a steam shower followed by a very cold shower. It was so fun! All it takes for life to be better is to just enjoy each and every moment and find happiness from the little things (that usually come free). Be mindful. The littlest things contribute to happiness when you are mindful. It’s as simple as that. Cold water against my skin after a steam felt so amazing. I had fun testing my limits – playing with decreasing the temperature of the water to the coldest I could get it to. It was something new and something very enjoyable. Looking forward to the next time I get to do this 🙂

Another amazing gift of today. Truly enjoyed listening to kirtan by Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji Paonta Sahib Wale – so soul touching. So many blessings today! So many things to be grateful. Gurbani is the very essence of life and I am so thankful for having blessed with this amazing gift. Just so grateful for everything today.

I am some person. I can just talk forever. My thoughts feel never ending. If I had more time, I can probably write forever. However that’s about it for today. Looking so forward to tomorrow. Thank you for reading. Thank you God. Wishing for more happiness and positive energy for myself, for you, as well as for everyone else in the world, truly ❤


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