Do what energizes you so you can be your best self!

Day 117/365

  • Wake up early Accidentally slept in and woke up at 8:40 today… oops
  • Meditation Had a couple moments to silence my mind today… grateful!
  • “I add a positive, happy flavour to every scene before recording on my sub-conscious.”; Re-program your sub-conscious mind/take care of internal recording: Be positive. Understand what others speak when they are criticizing. Understand their pain and deal with that situation rather than taking things into yourself. You cannot control everything, but you can make it better through your recorded thoughts.
  • Gurbani Stayed surrounded by gurbani the whole day today
  • Gratitude Today I am most grateful to have found yoga. And I am simply grateful for life!
  • Today’s Food Intake
    • Cottage cheese blueberry smoothie
    • high protein cream cheese sandwich with LT and onion + some leftover rice
    • grapes
    • Kale salad, garlic bread
  • Organization Getting organized from so many aspects
  • Walk Got a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts twice today! Morning and evening 🙂 In this weather, I can walk forever!!
  • Yoga Had a super awesome vinyasa yoga practice today. I can’t express in words what yoga means to me! (separate post to be followed)
  • Exercise
  • Work 1-6
  • Self-care & relaxation Love making time to take care of myself!
  • Family Love my family!
  • Blog Love my blog!
  • Sleep Will probably head to bed by 11 PM
  • Positivity & Productivity Today was one of the most positive days I have had in a long while. I am feeling so full with positive energy. I was able to spread positivity. I was able to inspire. To motivate. To help. And it felt good! It’s further inspiring myself to keep taking good care of myself so I can be a better person for the world.
  • Lessons learned/Thoughts of the day
    • Spread positivity, spread energy, spread positive energy!!
    • Do what energizes you so you can be your best self (positive and energetic)
    • Positive energy when shared won’t deplete you – it will only further energize you. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!
    • Negative energy should not be shared – it further depletes you and it also depletes the other person – it leaves the world worse off than if you kept your negative energy to yourself until you figure out a way to turn it into positive energy!
    • It’s better to focus your time and energy into doing what makes you happy, energetic and positive so you can be a better person to those around you: a better friend, a better colleague, a better boss, a better sister, daughter, wife etc 
    • Starting to practice yoga is the best decision of my life (more to come!)

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