Kicking away negativity with a smile and pure happiness

Day 116/365

  • Wake up early 7:15 AM
  • Meditation Todays meditation after my yoga practice was short but very powerful
  • “I have the power to heal and bounce back from pain. I don’t rely on time to heal me.”; Waiting for time to heal you? Forgive others and concentrate on your own positive thoughts for continued improvement. Don’t be critical of others and have the right thoughts about yourself. Live in the present and release the past.
  • Gurbani
  • Gratitude Today I am the most grateful for one of my home plants. It was squished in a small space because it fit when we first got it. A couple months later and it was looking squished so I moved it to an open space last night – and it has just blown me away. So beautiful and so full of live – this plant brightened up my whole day today… sometimes it’s just the little things.

  • Today’s Food Intake
    • Lemon water
    • Fresh juice
    • Blueberry cottage cheese smoothie
    • Lunch: daal and quinoa (smaller portion)
    • Banana
    • Again daal and quinoa because I still felt hungry
    • brown rice filled with fresh vegetables
  • Organization organizing my mind and my day 🙂
  • Walk took Mayhem for a walk this evening for 15 minutes. It was peaceful and pleasant. I enjoyed the after-rain weather and the sweet breeze.
  • Yoga Hot yoga was awesome as ever! My right shoulder is/was in pain but I still managed to keep up with the whole practice. Today’s class was quite fun. As I’ve gotten stronger, a lot of classes have become funner and funner but the instructor from today especially likes to make the class fun with the things she says during the practice and her laughter. We were kicking back one leg while balancing on the other with palms on the floor – and repeating this 10 times and she said to have fun with it and imagine you are kicking away negativity (something along those lines) – I gotta say her saying this put me in a better mindset and I had so much fun – the most I’ve ever had doing this exercise. Now I am looking forward to when this move will come up during my next practice! Kicking away negativity made me so happy – I am so grateful for having had this experience today. Life feels so good and so happy!
  • Exercise
  • Work 11-7 (with a break for a acupressure appointment)
  • Self-care & relaxation Today was quite good. I made time to take care of myself and I am so proud of myself for being able to put myself first (And not feeling guilt). I really do believe that when your own cup is full – you become a better person and better for those around you and for the rest of the world. So I am looking forward to continuing my journey of focusing on myself – so I can have a chance to really love and give to the world around.
  • Family
  • Blog
  • Sleep heading to bed soon.
  • Positivity & Productivity Today was a very positive day. Not as productive as I would hope – but good nonetheless.
  • Lessons learned/Thoughts of the day
    • Learn to enjoy each and every moment. Sometimes it’s just actually being present in the moment that makes all the difference. I feel myself so much happier when I am just focusing on being mindful and present.
    • Have fun and enjoy everything you do. You can go on a walk without being mindful and it’s just a walk or you can go on a walk and be present, look at the stars, smell the air, feel the breeze – and it’s no longer a walk. It’s enjoying life to it’s fullest. It’s loving life. It’s appreciating the surroundings around you. It’s love for yourself and love for the world. It’s become something that you just do to something that just made you happier. Today was just a great day! Thank you God and I hope for more positivity, happiness and energy for myself and for everyone in the world, truly! Thanks for reading 🙂

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