If tomorrow was my last day, I would

So as I was recently reflecting on death, I asked myself what I would do if I knew that tomorrow was my last day to live. When feeling confused in life, I think this is a good question to ask oneself – it really helps to put things in perspective. So I asked myself this question last night and wrote whatever came to my mind and I wanted to share those thoughts here as a reminder to myself – when I feel lost and confused and sad and angry and a whole bunch of other negative emotions, to come here and remind myself of what really matters and to hopefully redirect my life to a better path on those days when I forget and or lose my motivation and energy.

If it was my last day, I would:

  • Visit my family and tell them I love them
  • Give hugs to my family
  • Hug my husband tight and tell him that I love him SO much and that he was my favourite person in the whole world.
  • Write everything that’s absolutely important for the business and pass on to hubby/sis
  • Say goodbye to people at work, family, any friends I can think of who made my life worth it 
  • Take Mayhem on a long last walk in some beautiful beach or park whatever I feel like in the moment 
  • Write my last blog post with all the wisdom I can think of 
  • Read Gurbani and try to connect more than ever before
  • Go to the gurdwara one last time and do a prayer to be thankful for the life I got to live and apologize for all my mistakes 
  • Attend my last yoga session and give it my all
  • Be mindful of all the moments
  • Eat pizza and eat anything else I really want to for the last time and try to enjoy it (what I can think of right away: ripe mangos, fresh juice, whatever else I am feeling) 
  • Kiss my husband
  • Wear my favourite clothes and maybe try to fit in a photo shoot on my last day to smile and do something that made me so happy
  • Look at my photos and relive some of my favourite memories
  • Make sure someone knows what to do with all my stuff and who I want to give it to, etc. 
  • Try to cook or bake something delicious for hubby something that he loves and can enjoy for some time after I’m gone 
  • Try to choose one new thing to do that I’ve never tried before – whether that’s eating a new food or having a new experience 
  • Post on my social media to say goodbye and re-share the link to my blog 
  • At the end of the day when I’m done everything I’ve wanted to, I’d sit outside and watch the stars and meditate for the last time until the day is officially over
  • Listen to salok fareed ji ke, salok mahala 9 and any other bani/kirtan I felt like

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