Learn to be a giver, not a taker

Day 114/ 365

  • Wake up early I did not wake up early today. I woke up and went back to sleep for a really long time… it’s just what my body needed and I am okay with that
  • Meditation
  • Thinkright.me “I am always at ease. I complete everything on time.”; Let’s stop saying I’m busy: “busy” is turbulence. “Busy” is neither here nor there. “Busy” is protection for nothing. ‘Busy’ implies we have no time for anything. Saying “I am at ease, I have enough time.” keeps us calm and efficient.
  • Gurbani not everything I should have today
  • Gratitude Today I am the most grateful for my husband (again). I really got lucky with him whether I believe this most days or not – it really is true.
  • Today’s Food Intake
    • Fresh juice
    • Pasta
    • Rolo icecream + brownie (such a treat!)
    • Peanut butter nutella sandwich
    • ‘kfc’ burger
  • Organization
  • Walk
  • Yoga had a power hot yoga session – it was super awesome. I see myself getting stronger – it feels so powerful!
  • Exercise
  • Work 2ish-7
  • Self-care & relaxation
  • Family
  • Blog
  • Sleep heading to sleep hopefully soon
  • Positivity & Productivity Today was positive and productive (during the time I wasn’t napping :’))
  • Lessons learned/Thoughts of the day:
    • Don’t be a taker – be a giver. Learn to give rather than constantly being the one asking – I assure you, your life will become much better (note to myself)
    • We never really know how much time we have on earth. The only one thing that’s a certain about our life (when we are born) – is that we will die. Make the most out of life, when you can because you really don’t know what day will be your last! This is the intention I want to start living with consistently. Love like it’s my last day. Want to end on good terms with the world around me.

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