Trying to get off the emotional roller coaster

Day 113/ 365

I missed posting these past few days. Clearly it’s not a wise choice – taking out time to consistently blog keeps me better emotionally. I’ve had a crazy emotional weekend – truly deviated from everything I was working on… but I don’t want it to break me. I was able to pick myself back up and try again.

I wrote on this blog a long while back: “I know for certain that my mind and emotions can (sometimes) be scarier than the scariest rollercoasters. The many places my mind and emotions are able to go to within a minute is unbelievable and feels like uncontrollable” – and that’s the kind of ride I took myself on this past weekend. Let’s hope that this past weekend was the last of my emotional roller coaster ride. I’ve gotten so much better at managing my emotions – all I gotta do is do the work.

I remember when I went for a counselling session a couple weeks ago and told the counsellor my intentions for my life – she was SO proud of me and she said she honestly see’s a tremendous amount of growth in me since the last time she saw me (which was about 10-12 days earlier than that day). And that day, she told me something along the lines of: I like the journey you are on. I am proud of you. It’s going to be a lot of WORK but it is so worth it so do the work. That’s what I am reminding myself again: to not forget the commitment that I made to myself!! Let’s try again 🙂

  • Wake up early 7:15 AM
  • Meditation had a chance to meditate during yoga
  • Traffic never disturbs my calmness. Keep your mind calm and conserve emotional energy. Your mind is powerful. It has the power to unlock infinite possibilities. Remember, you are stronger than you think.
  • Gurbani listened to kirtan
  • Gratitude Today, I am the most grateful for my husband.
  • Today’s Food Intake
    • lemon water
    • cottage cheese blueberry smoothie
    • kale salad
    • grapes and walnuts
    • banana
    • 1 mini brownie and 1 mini cinnamon roll
    • chat papri for dinner!
  • Organization
  • Walk
  • Yoga had a great hot yoga session – perfect way to begin the week
  • Exercise
  • Work 9:15-6 PM
  • Self-care & relaxation Went to my chiro to get an adjustment – she spent a good amount of time cracking so many body parts today – it felt good.
  • Family I visited my fam and cooked tomorrows lunch for some of them
  • Blog
  • Sleep Heading to bed in the next 10 mins
  • Positivity & Productivity Today was quite productive and positive (considering the weekend I had where I wasn’t able to keep myself so positive)
  • Lessons learned Focus on my goals!! Don’t forget to take care of myself.

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