Learning to enjoy being my own best friend

Day 108/ 365

  • Wake up early 5:30 AM
  • Meditation Morning meditation –> could have been better. I guess I was still sleepy. I haven’t been able to make the time to go deeper into meditation these past several days. Hopefully tomorrow.
  • Thinkright.me “I bless myself daily to rise to my highest potential in who I am and what I do”; Your thoughts and words are a blessing for who you are and what you do. Check if you’re radiating low energy vibrations to your relationships, health, career, or behaviours, and shift them to a blessing. Blessing elevates the energy of your mind, then your mind comes into action to manifest reality.
  • Gurbani Nitnem and kirtan throughout all my car rides and during cooking/prepping food. Having a great time listening to new shabads and kirtan.
  • Gratitude Today I am most grateful for having a home gym in my basement due to which I was able to fit in a morning workout which has left my arms totally exhausted with sweet pain!! And I am grateful for the beautiful weather we had today.
  • Today’s Food Intake
    • Lemon water
    • Blueberry Cottage Cheese smoothie
    • Banana and almonds
    • Daal and quinoa
    • Fresh juice
    • Palak paneer and roti
  • Organization working on organizing myself at work… organized a LOT in my office today.
  • Walk Walked Mayhem for about 15 minutes in the evening,
  • Exercise Fit in a morning workout today (will update weekly exercise journal)
  • Work 10-6
  • Self-care & relaxation Went for a chiro appointment – had so much issue with my body!! Got it all adjusted. Also scheduled a full body assessment with a acupuncturist as recommended by chiro for access to more energy. These days, I am taking very good care of myself everyday through prioritizing my wellbeing above everything else. I don’t expect that I will always have this much time for solely myself but I am trying to make the most of it while I have this opportunity and really learning to enjoy being my own best friend these days.
  • Family
  • Blog
  • Sleep Will probably head to bed at about 10:30 (already on my bed:))
  • Positivity & Productivity Today was a positive day. It was productive also but I was also tired. I guess waking up early does have consequences for how I feel at work. It’s harder to get through the day this way – but will continue to try my best.
  • Lessons learned Be kind to everyone. Help in any way you can. Everyone around you is going through their own pain. Show compassion. Don’t take life for granted you don’t know when it’ll be over… for you or for those you love. Try to live everyday like it was your last – just make the most of it with love, kindness and positivity.

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