Week Sept 14-20 Workout Diary

As I complete any workouts for this week, I will come here to add the notes for each exercise and reps and sets completed. Along with any other reflections related to my workout. This will help me stay focused, motivated, consistent and it will help me track my progress.

Monday September 14 2020

No workout

Tuesday September 15 2020

SCS Machine Squats

  • 10 lb 1×15
  • 15 lb each 1×15
  • 25 lb each 4×10

SCS Machine Deadlifts

  • no weights 1×10
  • 10 lb each 1×10
  • 15 lb each 3×10

Reflection: I have gotten stronger! I improved from last week. I did more sets of squats with the higher weights. I also increased my weight for deadlifts. I am so excited about the confidence in increasing weights and I can’t wait to continue the journey. I did want to continue my workout and I was super pumped and ready for it but I was feeling a muscle pulling in my right foot and leg (I have some issues in my body that I am working on) – and I knew I wouldn’t be able to continue with the workout due to the pain and sensation that happens in my foot and leg when this happens. I am going to my chiropractor for an adjustment tomorrow so I am glad this pain came up today so I can ask her to take a look and make the adjustment needed so I can continue with my workout tomorrow or day after!

Wednesday September 16 2020

Overhead press

  • 5 lbs each 1×12
  • 8 lb each 4×10

Bent over row

  • No weights 1×15
  • 5 lb each 1×8, 1×10, 2×8

Bench press

  • 5 lb each 2×10, 2×6

Inclined bench

  • 5 lbs 1×5

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