Lesson Learned: Busyness is an energy and motivation booster!

Day 106/ 365

  • Wake up early 7:15 AM
  • Meditation Today was more of a rushed (and distracted) day for me. But I just took a few moments to enjoy the sound of taking deep breaths in and deep breaths out.
  • Thinkright.me app hasn’t been working these past few days 😦
  • Gurbani nitnem rehras and sohila sahib + kirtan throughout the day
  • Gratitude Today, I am feeling most grateful for my father-in-law who always takes time out to check in with me and who I can always depend on for anything I need to talk about.
  • Today’s Food Intake (NOT all healthy and homemade!)
    • Fresh juice
    • Smoothie
    • Stuffed pasta shells
    • Banana
    • 6 Oreo cookies with about 2 cups of milk (absolutely one of the worst dinners I’ve had in my whole entire life… but this was just one of those days… I’ll do better tomorrow :))
  • Organization I organized my work to do list today!
  • Walk Took Mayhem on a long evening walk. It was relaxing and cold!
  • Yoga Yoga was all full today
  • Exercise No exercise today – I replaced it with tv today because it was just one of those days. Will do better tomorrow!
  • Work 10-6:45
  • Self-care & relaxation I guess watching tv was my relaxation time although I do prefer to do other relaxing activities so will probably be making a decision to limit to tv once a week or something or 1 show a day (if I can’t resist) so tomorrow I’ll be back to taking better care of myself 🙂
  • Family I saw my family today. I spoke to my father-in-law over the phone.
  • Blog 🙂
  • Sleep Will go to sleep soon
  • Positivity & Productivity was productive today. Wasn’t exactly positive but I guess today was just a neutral kind of day.
  • Lessons learned: I guess I figured out that I am happier when I am able to go for hot yoga everyday. It was sad that I didn’t get in today (was on the waiting list) because it interfered with the flow of my day. I didn’t have enough motivation to exercise so instead of replacing yoga with a happiness boosting physical activity I decided to indulge in some tv watching time today. Honestly, no regrets. I had some GREAT laughs today – thanks Modern Family 🙂 But I want to be more focused again tomorrow with how I structure my days as per above. The biggest goal is to get the day started early. I am happiest when I get up early so it’s not worth not waking up early unless I am way too exhausted. I think I was today and I don’t even remember when and how I pressed snooze. But like I said anytime before 8 is still considered a success for me. And I think for the past several days, including weekends, I’ve been getting up at atleast 7:15 AM or earlier which has been great. Heading in the right direction 🙂 106 down, 259 left!! Goal: continue to focus on myself and don’t leave much free time in the day to feel alone. Another thing I learned: the motivation and energy comes more when I do more. The less I do, the less energized I feel. The more busy I keep myself and the more I do – the busyness is an energy and motivation booster!

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