‘Self-love is so exhilarating’

Day 102/ 365

  • Wake up early 7:20 AM I didn’t wake up as early as I’d like – will keep trying to make waking up early a habit as I do find that the days that I am up earlier, I end up having a better and more productive day.
  • Meditation I did try to sit for about 5 minutes in the morning (but my mind was just not able to be silent). My 5 minute nighttime meditation went much better. As I have started to make a conscious everyday to meditate, I am finding how much I enjoy the sound (and thought) of nothing in my mind.
  • Thinkright.me “I appreciate the food I eat. I energize my meals with gratitude & happiness”; Food is our nourishment, respect it: Criticising or disliking food lowers its energy. Create thoughts of gratitude to eat in a right state of mind. Show some gratitude. Allow yourselves and others to enjoy the process of eating.
  • Gurbani nitnem and rehras sahib + kirtan throughout the day
  • Gratitude Today, I am feeling most grateful for my dog Mayhem who is always there for me and always ready to go on another walk. 🙂
  • Today’s Food Intake (all healthy and homemade!)
    • Lemon water
    • Fresh juice
    • Blueberry Cottage Cheese Smoothie
    • Lunch: Peanut Teriyaki tofu with veggies and quinoa
    • Watermelon
    • Chickpea Salad
    • Beyond meat burger (beyond meat patties from Costco are out of this world delicious!) + 2 veggie nuggets
  • Organization no organization projects today.
  • Walk Took Mayhem on a long evening walk. It was relaxing. Reaching almost 12K steps today.
  • Yoga No yoga today
  • Exercise No exercise today although I did plan on a bike ride but went to the garage to find my bike tangled with my husbands bike. I tried for 10 minutes without luck. It felt like exercise so I guess that counts for today 🙂
  • Work 10-7ish
  • Self-care & relaxation I went to my chiro for an adjustment after over a week. It was super painful but I am happy to be taking care of myself. I also had a counselling appointment today. It was very helpful. I went on August 28th because I really felt like I needed to talk to someone at that time. And I went today (it was a prescheduled session). The counsellor told me that she has seen that I have grown and improved tremendously in the time between these 2 sessions. Which just reinforces how helpful blogging has been for me. I am truly thankful to this platform. I told my counsellor about my blog and about my intention to focus on myself and self-love. She was very much pleased with my journey and told me that I am on the right path. She told me about her own journey with learning to love herself and she told me something along the lines of ‘self love is so exhilarating’ and how that and God’s love is the best kind of love one can experience. She goes ‘no one can love me like I love myself’ I thought it was quite interesting to have this conversation at a time like this where I have already chosen the path of self-love. Today, she basically reinforced and supported all my decisions and helped make me feel more confident about where I’m headed. I’m kind of tired today I am sure I can find more things to blab about but I guess more tomorrow.
  • Family I had dinner with my sister today
  • Blog 🙂
  • Sleep Will probably fall asleep by midnight. I am feeling quite exhausted today for some reason.
  • Positivity & Productivity All in all, it was a good day. Everyday I am learning something new which feels so great. Today, I am motivated by the words: ‘self-love is so exhilerating’ and I am excited and looking forward to experiencing this special kind of love. ❤

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