Today I experienced energy, motivation, strength & growth

Day 102/ 365

  • Wake up early 6:00 AM
  • Meditation The first thing I did after waking up today is sit up and shut my eyes for 15 minutes of meditation. I was feeling a little sleepy but I was able to relax my mind enough to get started with my day (and not go back to sleep). I think I want to get into trying to meditate first thing after waking up to calm my mind and energize it for the rest of the day.
  • “I make rules only with everyone’s support and consent to the decision”; Rules for them, by them: Include people and take their inputs when laying out rules of living and working. Rulemaking makes people responsible for implementing it. They put in their best and willingly comply. Don’t create your rules without adding their inputs.
  • Gurbani nitnem, rehras sahib, sohila sahib and kirtan throughout the day πŸ™‚
  • Gratitude Today I am grateful for having the energy and motivation and love for life to wake up early (earlier than yesterday and closer to my goal time). I am grateful for my peaceful, quiet and meditative morning walk.
  • Today’s Food Intake (all healthy and homemade!)
    • Lemon water
    • handful of pistachios
    • Fresh juice
    • Chickpea Salad
    • banana
    • 1 slice bread with peanut butter and hazelnut spread
    • green beans sabzi and 1 1/2 roti
  • Organization mostly just organized my day. No extra organization projects today.
  • Walk walked Mayhem for about 20-25 mins in the morning and another 10-15 mins in the evening after work and another 30 minutes just now. Have over 16K steps today! It was a huge walking day. Something that I don’t want to get into but will analyze deeper on my own really disturbed my mental health and peace of mind just before I was about to finish blogging and go to bed and peace of mind. Walking was the only thing I was able to think of in that moment to remove myself from the situation and bring myself to a clearer mind and heart – one that was about to spiral negatively out of control. All the progress I have made these past couple of days would have all been for nothing and I’d have to start all over again if I reacted to my feelings. I am so proud of myself for just removing myself from whatever was about to happen to me mentally. I am so happy to be growing as a person and to be getting better at managing my anger outbursts.
  • Yoga had another great 1 hour hot yoga session. It was a great practice. I truly feeling with each new day that I am getting stronger – physically and mentally.
  • Exercise I fit in 10 minutes of exercise today (Updated my weekly exercise journey post).
  • Work 9:15-6 and I worked right through lunch.
  • Self-care & relaxation I feel like I am taking better care of myself with each day. Took a nice relaxing shower after yoga and put on my face mask πŸ™‚
  • Family I visited my mom and siblings again today! This is pretty much daily.
  • Blog I’m here ❀
  • Sleep will head to bed now and hopefully be asleep by midnight.
  • Positivity & Productivity Woke up with very good intentions to have a very positive and productive day! Other than one slight annoyance at work – which pissed me off (need to work on not getting pissed at work), my day was quite positive. Mostly positive thoughts. Although in the late afternoon while I was driving for some work errands, I was just reflecting on some thoughts. One thought I had is that I am holding onto a lot of pain from the past. Basically I am holding on to so many things that have happened in the past which hurt me so deeply, that every time they come up, the pain that is buried so deep reveals itself and hurts so badly. Okay, so 3 incidents in total that weren’t positive. It was still overall a positive day. I am happy and learning to truly begin to love myself. Thankful for the journey and awareness that I have. Thank you God !

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