My heart is smiling at me today

Day 100/365

So today was the first working day after my 4 day weekend and after deciding on prioritizing myself before work and business. I kind of slept in so I wasn’t able to have the morning I usually would want because instead I slept 🙂 I am okay with that. Sometimes, especially on the first day back to work after a break or weekend – a lot of people find it harder to get out of bed. In fact, I have been communicating with one of my sisters more often these past 2 days, and she ended up sleeping in as well and only woke up at the time she was basically due to start work. Similar thing happened to me. I missed ‘me’ time in the morning. I put in about 8 hours at work with a full 1 hour lunch break today – I happened to go home for lunch and have lunch with my sister and brother. The afternoon lunch break more than made up for the lack of ‘me’ time in the morning. I was still successful in prioritizing myself because work is work and everyone I know puts in an average of 8 hours for their work. I did the same today but didn’t overdo it by working through lunch and not taking a break more than just eating my food (which happens more often than not).

After work, I came home and had some time to walk Mayhem. Shortly after that, I went for a 1 hour hot yoga session – it was a bit different from my usual sessions and this session was called ‘power yoga’ – whatever that means. I think it’s supposed to be tougher than usual which I think it was but for some reason I enjoyed it and kept up with all the poses much more today. I don’t know if it was the workout itself – which it was quite a good workout today or if it was the things the instructor said. The powerful quotes she said during the practice truly made me smile deep from my heart.

And if I am being completely honest here, I did find myself being negative today immediately before walking into the yoga class. Occasionally in conversations with my close family or friends, something comes up which brings up some pain and sorrow that I am still holding very deep inside me and when I am not thinking about it – I am happy and positive but when when those thoughts somehow pop up, I find myself negative and unhappy – this is something I wish to work on in the next 265 days. The first step is to realize and acknowledge whats happening – which I did. The second step I think would be to write down what thoughts and memories bring out this negativity. And then the third step will probably be to analyze my reasons on why those memories bring up negative emotions. And the 4th step will be to make peace with my past and truly let go and free myself of anything and everything negative that my soul is holding onto. That will be the greatest gift to myself. And I am so looking forward to this journey of daily reflection and looking within. I cannot express how thankful I am for having my own space on the world wide web where I can truly andopenly express myself without the fear of judgement. I am truly thankful to whoever created this concept of a blog and to myself for having enough courage to start my own and today, for being able to use it as a self-help tool.

Anyways, back to my yoga session, I asked the teacher at the end of class about where she got her quotes that she used in class from and she told me it’s from where she learned yoga. It’s some Power Yoga association. There is a book called ‘Journey Into Power’ by Baptiste which has everything she said today in the class. I definitely want to make time in my life to read this book. I have never quite been a ‘book’ reader in my life – although I always enjoyed reading articles, blogs and other writings that I came across on the internet (mostly google) after googling something I felt like reading about or learning about, etc. However, every time I see someone indulged in a book (I mostly see this when I am on vacation or at the beach) – I’ve always found myself in awe when I’ve witnessed someone so engrossed in a book. It always makes me smile and think about finding my own love for reading one day. I am really into any peaceful, meditative and relaxing activities – mostly things I can enjoy by myself. Things like going for a walk, going for yoga, cooking and baking, even chores like washing dishes, cleaning my house and folding clothes and right now, blogging. Any activity that I am able to do slowly and just be able to take my sweet time with it – I really enjoy it. I like the slow pace of things. I do not like being rushed. I guess I am a very peaceful soul and my soul cannot handle the pressures of this fast-paced world that we live in. So when I find something to do that will allow me to be true to myself, I am definitely interested in doing it. Looking forward to picking up this book (and maybe picking up on this as a new hobby) sometime in the very near future (hopefully sooner rather than later :)). Also looking forward to the next 265 days of learning more about myself. As soon as I come to my blog and just start with something, I discover so much more that I didn’t even know I had. I am so thankful for everything.

Thank you for anyone following me on jasdeepsjourney. It took a lot of courage for me to be so open on my blog (and to even have a public blog in the first place), but i figured if I am finding things out which are helping me on my journey which could be helpful to even one other person out there – than it’s totally worth it to be putting my self out here.

100 days down – 265 days to go! Here’s to making e v e r y single day count! ❤

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