Week Sept 7-13 Workout Diary

Today, I officially start adding in weight training to my weekly exercise routine. I already do yoga 4-5 days per week and go on daily walks but I’ve been wanting to start consistently add in weight training and that starts today. Looking forward to the journey. As I complete each weeks workout, I will come here to add the notes for each exercise and reps and sets completed. Along with any other reflections related to my workout.

Monday September 7 2020

SCS Machine Squats

  • no weights 1×12
  • 5 lb each 1×12
  • 10 lb each 3×12
  • 15 lb each 1×12
  • 25 lb each 1×10

Floor Bridges

  • No weight, 3×20

SCS Machine Deadlifts

  • no weights 1×12
  • 10 lb each 3×10

Reflection: I put on a good sweat today. It was a short but effective workout. I challenged myself with the 25 lb on the squat rack and I am looking forward to continuing this challenge with myself. My sister joined me today so that was nice – although if she wasn’t here eager to finish, I would have spent a bit more time working out. It was a good workout nonetheless. Excited for tomorrow morning because this weeks schedule includes morning workouts. Update: this was the plan but it didn’t end up happening so far. That’s okay… taking it only one step at a time!

Tuesday September 8 2020

  • 1 hour hot yoga (evening)
  • steps: 10,000+

Wednesday September 9 2020

  • 1 hour hot yoga (evening)
  • steps: 11,194 steps!

Thursday September 10 2020

SCS Machine Squats

  • no weights 1×12
  • 15 lb each 3×12
  • 25 lb each 2×10

So I really wanted to cross morning exercise off my daily routine checklist today. Although I didn’t have a lot of time this morning, I managed to fit in 1 exercise: squats. I spent about 10-15 mins. I think this will be my new policy: fit in some exercise even if it’s just for 10 minutes. And change up the exercises everyday so I am working different parts of the body. It was fun this morning. I am really enjoying the journey of progressing in weights and I am motivated by the thought that I am on a journey to getting stronger. I am further motivated by my desire to become the strongest version of myself! So excited with my new schedule and looking forward to continue with this newly found positive energy.

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