Making the best of every moment

Day 98/ 365

I can’t find much words for today but I’ll try anyways. The day is coming to a beautiful end at Wasaga beach. The weather is perfect. The sun is out and there is just a tiny bit of sweet wind. The view of Georgian Bay is beautiful. Clean blue water and the waves are calm and peaceful. The group next to us is playing some great music. I am sitting next to my dog who is so happy to be out with us. I am happy too.

The day didn’t exactly start the way we thought it would but there were some lessons learned and good experiences had.

Lessons learnt from today:

  • Things don’t always happen the way you plan them but life will be good for those who try their best to make the best of what they have
  • Wasaga Beach is actually quite beautiful
  • Sunset Point Beach/Park is a beautiful place to visit when going to Blue Mountain (and it happens to be a quick detour on the way home)
  • It’s best to get an early start to a day – especially when coming to a popular tourist place (such as Blue Mountain) especially on a long weekend
  • 21 degrees celsius weather when the sun is out is more than warm enough for going to the beach
  • Happiness doesn’t come from being in a certain place –> it’s all in the mind

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