Day 62-67 /365


Although I didn’t check in here over the past 6 days – I’ve transitioned to a better more happier and more positive version of myself.

Day 67 (Thursday/today): Started the day off with hot yoga!

Day 66 (Wednesday) – re-added hot yoga back into my life!!! There is nothing better for my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health than hot yoga!! And I am so happy that hot yoga re-opened (not at my gym – but I joined a hot yoga wellness studio because I could not wait any longer to go back to hot yoga! Also spent the evening working out legs.

Day 62-65: Been doing well, eating well, working well, getting along better in most aspects of life. I finished my modified 3 day juice cleanse and have transitioned to a whole foods plant based (and gluten free) diet since. I am going to try this out for about a month and see how I feel and how it goes. I think so far, it’s nothing but positive. I am feeling great (which is a mix of a bunch of things, diet change included)

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