Day 49-61/ 365

So I know it’s been quite a while since I checked in here. It’s been a mix of days, some very good, some good and some bad. I have been feeling like I have some internal problem – haven’t gone to the Dr but I just don’t feel that well and after a lot of thought have come to the decision to try a plant based whole foods diet (for some time to heal myself and then we’ll see how it goes). This translates to being vegan and for sometime before that, I am also planning to be gluten free to really heal myself. I’ve read a lot on it and just through my own experience, I know it can work. It’s been so long since I came to my blog so I don’t know if I mentioned my 3 day juice diet. But I recently did one followed by a couple days of only fruits and vegetables (and juice) but still didn’t feel healed. Yesterday, I restarted a juice diet. I intended to do a full juice diet but ended up modifying it because my mom sent home some deliciously cooked kidney beans (and a lot that I knew my husband wouldn’t be able to finish – so I ate just a little for dinner after being on juice all day). I’ve heard of doing a modified juice diet so I guess that’s what I’m doing. For the first couple days, trying to keep it juice focussed. And then over the next couple weeks add in things like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, gluten-free whole grains and legumes. I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my life so this revised diet is not too much of a change. I’ve never had any meat or eggs for almost my whole life. But I’ve always enjoyed a lot of dairy so essentially that will be the biggest change. I am looking forward to trying it. I have had thoughts of trying a whole foods plant based diet for a while but never actually made it happen. I think due to just feeling so blah these days – this is what it will take so I can investigate how each food makes me feel. Today (day 61) is day 2 of the modified juice diet and I just added in a new fruit to my mix (to change things up and to reap the benefits of healthy but bitter grapefruit!). Recipe to be followed.

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