Day 2 juice diet journal

Day 61/365

1st: Grapefruit, apple, carrot juice

2nd: watermelon juice

3rd: spinach, mint, apple, lime, celery, kale stalks (middle leftover part), asparagus ends

That’s it for now. I tried everything to open my next fresh coconut for water but it is SO hard its impossible. Yesterday’s water was so delicious so I was really craving it again today. Maybe will go get some more later!

Prepared ingredients for my next juice: orange, lemon, carrot, beet, celery.

To be updated later with rest of my food/juice intake for today.

Overall – I feel so great on a juice diet. A little hungry yes but so much better. I have a huge tendency to get carried away and overeat which is not healthy so juicing is a way to reset my internal system. 🙂 I’m happy to know this.

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