Day 1 juice diet journal

Day 60/365

Day 1 juice diet journal

1st: Started the day off with fresh warm lemon water.

2nd: my daily morning juice: Orange, carrot, beet, celery, lemon juice

3rd: I had leftover of my first juice that I made for my husband and he didn’t drink it so I ended up repeating it (in order to avoid having to go home early from work to make my next juice)

4th: Green juice: 1 green apple, 1 lime, handful of spinach, handful of mint, 1 celery, handful of leftover kale stalks (only the hard middle part of kale – the rest was used for a salad earlier in the week)

5th: fresh coconut water (it was delicious!)

6th: did break my fast and had some freshly cooked kidney beans. I cannot waste food – it just wasn’t how I was raised. My mom cooked food for me because I forgot to update her that I was going back on a juice diet so I decided to eat my share. I didn’t feel heavy or anything. Kidney beans eaten on their own are a great dinner. I didn’t really need it because I’ve noticed after drinking juice for the whole day – your body gets used to not eating and doesn’t really ‘need’ to because you don’t feel hungry.

Anyways on day 62 I went back to the full day of juice – tbc in next post

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