Day 46/ 365


Yesterday was day 2 of my 3 day juice fast. I made it all the way till night before I decided to break my fast. What happened is I somehow imagined I drank my 3rd juice of the day but I actually hadn’t (and fell asleep) and this caused me very low energy because by the time I woke up and realized (I hadn’t realized before my nap), it was like 5-6 hours since my previous juice. Anyways I ended up breaking the fast because I really really wanted something solid to eat – so I had some homemade indian food (some gravy, peas, some potatoes and greens). Everything I ate is still part of a cleanse diet so I wasn’t disappointed in myself.

Juice Diet Schedule

1st drink: lemon water

2nd drink: my daily morning juice (2 oranges, 1 carrot, 1 beet)

3rd drink: watermelon juice

4th drink: coconut water. I drank this before my nap

5th drink: pineapple and purple grapes juice (a handful of pineapple and a handful of grapes) I drank this after waking up.

6th drink: was feeling so uneasy so decided on another coconut water (totally worth it – was the most delicious coconut water ever)

and then a little while after this last juice, I had to eat.

What I noticed on juice fasts, is it really requires you to relax and work from home (or have more time). There is really not much energy for being too active physically or otherwise.

After breaking my juice fast, I decided I want to continue fasting/cleansing but in a modified way. I think I want to extend it to 1-2 weeks but a modified version. I will write a future post about what that will entail.

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