Day 37-38 /365

Nothing new to share really… just been indulged in work. Today, I concluded a very important project so there’s that. There is some imbalance internally. I am not my usual motivated/creative self. Feeling drained and frustrated. Will be back later.

And I’m back! Fully energized and motivated. It’s actually unbelievable the internal shift I just went through and it’s all thanks to my bach flower remedies. Thank you Dr. Edward Bach!!! This is my 2nd conscious experience where I really was mindful enough to really realize the difference that bach flowers make to take me out of my negative thoughts and back to positivity. I am so happy for having discovered this. (More about this will be shared in the near future)

I was sitting in my bedroom crying and feeling so upset – my thoughts going from 1 negative thought to another when all of a sudden I remembered that when I was feeling like this last week, I had called my FIL who told me to immediately stop everything I was doing and go find the bach remedies. I did and I am not going to lie – within minutes my mind started shifting towards positive thoughts instead of the negativity I was feeling. The same thing happened today and I am so thankful for the experience.

Ready to be my happy positive charming self again and so so so looking forward to the coming weekend as my husband and I will be going for a weekend getaway – somewhere close – to relax and unwind and to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary.

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