Day 31-32 /365

Day 31 (Canada Day!) – most of the day spent working + evening spent cooking and having my family over for dinner. Work wise, I am finally winding up a lot of the things that piled up over the past 3 years. In another couple months, I will have cleared my entire backlog which I am sure will free me up significantly in all aspects (especially mentally).

Day 32 – started the day with a complete emotional breakdown. Called my father in law in the morning who told me to take some bach flower remedies immediately. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that myself. I was feeling SO unbelievably low over the past couple weeks with all the work stress and being unable to manage my own expectations of myself and not being able to cope with negative energy around me – this was bound to happen. Today’s breakdown was much needed as it will help clear the way to better days ahead. Today I realized more than ever before that the bach flowers are really seriously magic – especially if you take the right ones.

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