Day 48/ 365

Today was a beautiful day. I focused on healthy eating and relaxing today and I am super happy. It is now 2 AM but I wanted to share todays diet before calling it a day. Coconut waterbananavegetables - tossed in a tiny bit of oil and some dried herbs2 clementinesfresh mulberries watermelonvegetable soup (recipe already … Continue reading Day 48/ 365

Day 46/ 365

Thursday Yesterday was day 2 of my 3 day juice fast. I made it all the way till night before I decided to break my fast. What happened is I somehow imagined I drank my 3rd juice of the day but I actually hadn't (and fell asleep) and this caused me very low energy because … Continue reading Day 46/ 365

Day 45/ 365

Wednesday Day 1 of 3 day juice cleanse first juice was my regular morning juice. 1 1/2 cara cara orange1 beet1 carrot 2nd juice was watermelon juice. Only ingredient: fresh watermelon 3rd juice 1 granny smith apple1 pear1 limebig handful of spinachleftover kale stalks (the part that doesn't get used in salads)few mint leaves 4th … Continue reading Day 45/ 365