Days 20-21/ 365

Yesterday was a well balanced and productive day. I managed to get a very important work task out of the way – so this free’s up my mind somewhat (still have a ton of stuff to get out of the way, but thankful that one big item is finally checked off). Yesterday, after what feels like a very *long* time, I was able to make significant time for myself. I managed to have a meditative, mindful and relaxing morning, have lunch with my family, fit in a workout, go bicycle riding, have a delicious home-made dinner with my sister (homemade mock ‘kfc’ vegetarian burgers – recipe to be shared later), take Mayhem for a walk, and end the day with a very peaceful meditation on my balcony. The weather was perfect and we had a very relaxing birds chirping & water flowing soundtrack in the background. It was a peaceful and perfect end to the day. It help put me in a better mindset and energy for today.

I woke up around 7:15 AM, which considering that it’s Sunday, is a very good start to the day. Again, the weather was very pleasant so I made it to my balcony for a meditative start to the day. With birds chirping, the wind lightly blowing, the sweet breeze, tree leaves gently rustling – it was the most perfect start to my day. I’ve always kind of known (and/or surely realized early on) that happiness comes from the little things in life (and the things that are almost always absolutely *free*). But I find myself so easily interrupted from these simple pleasures because I allow my work/business life to take over. This weekend, I’ve been the happiest that I have been since what feels like a long time, because after a lot of inner turmoil, I’ve finally come up with a happy medium for myself on how to balance my personal life from my work obligations. This new method will continue to offer me flexibility in my work life and schedule but help ensure that I am not allowing work to continuously take over my life, leaving me no energy for my physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health.

I am looking forward to what the future holds. Thank you for tuning in. Also looking forward to come back soon to share and spread more positivity and good energy. ❤

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