Contemplating my life

So since I have been feeling a bit low lately, I decided to take a moment to contemplate my life and daily goals I want to work towards. I made some notes on what will help me feel happier and how to structure my days and routine.

  • Meditate: Clear the mind, shut my eyes and enjoy the present moment whether that’s outside in nature while enjoying the sweet breeze and birds chirping or whether that’s in any comfortable spot in the house. Breathe in, breathe out, listen, be present in the moment.
  • ThinkRight.Me: Use this app for daily inspiration.
  • Gurbani: Nitnem, Rehras Sahib, Sohila Sahib and Shabad Kirtan throughout the day. Listen in paath or kirtan roop or read. Listen to kirtan throughout the entire day. If I get a chance, practice a shabad on the vaja. Try to take some time to understand what I am reading/listening to. Just be present with gurbani. It is the true purpose of life and the true source of happiness and wisdom. Do extra ardaas shabads when time and make time for sehaj paath (start with 1 ang per day).
  • Gratitude: Take a moment to be grateful. Whether this is going through my ‘I am grateful for…’ list and adding to it or whether it’s just taking one moment to close my eyes and think of something to be grateful for in the present moment. Find something to be grateful and thankful for e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.
  • Food: Prepare and eat (and share) healthy and delicious foods. Eat mindfully (and slow),  chew properly, eat healthy, eat smaller portions (it’s ALL about calories and portion control), eat light in the evenings. Eliminate junk (all fried food and all non-natural sugar). Increase protein intake. Have lots of fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water. Have my multivitamin, green energy drink, iron/B12, bach flower remedies, as needed. Start the day with lemon water, have fresh juice, have a healthy breakfast, lunch & dinner. Make very healthy desserts for when I’m craving something sweet.
  • Organization: Take some time out everyday to clean and organize things. Make my bed everyday. Leave the house in top-notch condition before leaving for work. Organize everything:
    • Personal spaces/home: a small section of the house at a time. Rooms, Cabinets, Closets, Drawers, etc.
    • Work spaces/office: cabinets, drawers, desktop, notes app (to do list’s), email, etc.
    • Information, paperwork, etc.
    • Thoughts/Notes: personal and business related
  • Walk: Get my daily steps in. Just go for a walk (even if that’s multitasking with gurbani – which from the amount of things I have to do in one day, seems like the only way) and enjoy the weather, nature & just be in the present moment.
  • Yoga: Yoga is an activity that has given me so much happiness in the past. It is a way to explore myself and give my body a much needed stretch (after working out consistently) and gain more flexibility and strength. It’s relaxing, meditative & spiritual and I want to try and make time for this simple but great pleasure in life. Make time for using a roller and doing yin yoga when body is too sore.
  • Exercise: I have a gym right at home. There is so much potential for me to change my body, my life, my mood. Just LIFT weights. Compete with myself and try to get better with each day and each week and each month and just see where I get in a year! There will be tremendous mental benefits that I REALLY need in my life. There is nothing more that I want (at this moment) than to have a body that I feel comfortable in. It is not worth crying after having to change my outfits in the morning because I am not happy with what I see. It’s worth investing my time and energy into lifting weights and progressing to higher weights which will actually change my life & body for the better so I can finally be comfortable, confident and happy in my own skin.
  • Work: I married my husband and he is a business-person. I need to be a supportive wife and partner and do what I can to support him. The flexibility in my life confuses me and I actually end up working all the time. I really need to balance my work/life. I thought of keeping a log starting Monday for my daily activities so I am not putting unnecessary pressure on myself to start/finish work at a specific time (I do this all the time but it just never works as the business requires me to be flexible with my timings). Instead I will log my hours and make sure that I am logging only 40-50 hours per week. Any less than that, I won’t feel productive enough and any more than that, I really lose time for myself.
  • Self-care & Relaxation: This includes showering, brushing my teeth, wearing my retainer, skincare routine (morning and evening). Wearing clothes that make me feel happy and confident. Going for a massage (or using my massage chair) when needed. Enjoying a steam or soaking in bubble bath when needed. Using my diffusers and essential oils for relaxation. Just not over doing it and burning myself out but instead taking a moment to relax when needed. Doing everything I can to ensure my physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health.
  • Family: Spend time with family.
  • Blog: Taking a moment to reflect on my days and my progress in my goals. Taking a moment to think about my goals. And just for my own happiness. A way to get to know myself better.
  • Sleep: I need my beauty sleep and I want to try to always get atleast 6-7 and no more than 8 hours to ensure best health. Let me start tracking everything and see how it goes. The goal is something like this: go to bed by 9:45 PM so I can sleep by 10 PM and be ready to get up about 7 hours later at 5 AM : )
  • Positivity & Productivity at all times: It’s (kind of) ingrained into all of the above so it’s hard to lose focus. Just need to stay focused. 


  • Go shopping
  • Go to the gurdwara/sangath
  • Go to the spa, get a mani-pedi
  • Have fun dancing at home, learn bhangra from the bfunk tutorials
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal preparing
  • Extra time on blog
  • Something new/different: a new recipe once a week, explore a new park, going to a new place, trying a new restaurant, new city, new class, new activity, whatever it may be
  • Schedule time with hubby ❤
  • Dress up and take pictures, blog/Instagram for fun, etc.

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