Days 14-16/365

Day 14 was actually terrible. I don’t even want to go into detail. By the time day 15 ended my stress was significantly reduced. Today is day 16 which went by very fast. Day 15/16 were completely business focused. Managed my groceries today. Day 14 was a day almost completely wasted by allowing someones words to negatively impact my life. It was a bad experience but I am not yet in a place where I don’t let negatively impact me. I am still in a place where things – big or small – are able to cause me to be very stressed. This is another goal for this year. To become strong enough that the negativity does not bring me down. Because I am just not there right now. I let myself be terribly affected. So I guess to take the positive from this experience is that it has made me more aware of what I want in life: to be mentally and emotionally stronger. To gain control of my emotions/stress/anxiety.

As one of things that was causing a huge distraction in my life has resolved itself – I am hoping to have somewhat better days ahead. My issue with Animal Services has still not resolved itself – so there’s still that. Hoping for the best nonetheless.

I hope to come back to this blog very soon, filled with positivity and energy. Right now, I am still somewhat emotionally distracted and I kind of wish to just cry it out. Right now.

Be back later.

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