Day 8-9/365

As I sit at my dining table, looking at the time 11:11 PM (thinking to myself how lucky I must be to always look at the time at exactly 11:11 AM and PM so many days in a week!), I decided to check in here to report on today and yesterday.

Yesterday was most definitely an ‘on’ day: woke up early, meditated and prayed, fit in a morning walk, morning yoga, productive day at work, after work workout, relaxing steam bath, and kept my house neat and tidy

Today was most definitely an ‘off’ day: couldn’t wake up early and that automatically causes an ‘off’ day because i skip all if not most of my morning routines and go straight to work and today was a never ending work day. Have so many important things that I have to do. Hoping that tomorrow will be better, although I know for sure I still have a lot to do in terms of finishing all my important tasks whose deadline is fast approaching. Really praying that by next week all of my stress-inducing work tasks get sorted out so I can try to focus on all my goals/plans for my personal life. For tomorrow, will just try to keep it as balanced as possible.

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