Day 6-7/365

So today completes the first week of my 365 Day challenge. As I was reading my previous blog post (I usually read my previous post when sitting down to write my next post as it helps to remember my train of thought), I realized this is 1 week down and *only* 51 weeks left. Time really flies. I guess this blog is my way to try and get it to slow down by doing this challenge and constantly evaluating myself daily/weekly/monthly so that it doesn’t feel like it just flew by and instead, I will constantly be aware of the passed days and weeks (since I am writing about them).

So overall this was a good week. I guess the word bad is not really in my dictionary anymore. I try to look at everything with positivity. Even if a day or week is or was not ‘great’, I still think of it as good because every single day is a blessing and a chance to live and that’s good.

So in this week, although I missed 4 days in a row of working out, I still managed to make it all up by fitting in 2 days of leg workout and 1 day of back/chest/arms workout. I also did 1 day of yoga. So overall 4/7 days included some physical activity which I am happy with.

This weekend, I did focus on work. I worked all day today. But I also got to focus on this blog so I am happy with that. I didn’t do anything new or different or that relaxing (Except this) but that will be a goal for next weekend.

Overall my diet this past week was all over the place. I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t track any food. I will try to focus a bit more on healthier choices for the upcoming week.

In terms of gurbani and kirtan – it was on and off. I definitely want to focus more on gurbani and kirtan for the week ahead. I actually plan to practice some kirtan after I finish with this reflection 🙂

In terms of mental and emotional health – it was kind of all over the place. I had a Mayhem incident happen yet again which was quite overwhelming and scary. But I think I get better with each experience. I am really starting to learn to cope with difficult situations much better which is tremendous growth for me.

In terms of judgements, I think I did find myself being slightly judgmental this week to someone which is not good. Someone’s social media posts caused me to roll my eyes or think of that person as immature/has a lot of learning to do/etc. I know this is still a kind of judgement (although probably not the worst kind) but I will watch myself in the future and I hope all negativity and judgements will eventually go away from my life. I am 99% off social media – it gives me so much freedom to live without it but I occasionally open my instagram but I hope that the next time I do that I try to avoid being any bit of judgemental.

In terms of spiritual health, to be honest I haven’t meditated a lot this week. I definitely want to spend more time in meditation (and focus) for the week ahead!

I guess that’s enough goals for the next week! Thank you for tuning in and I’ll be back (hopefully) tomorrow!

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