Day 22/ 365

Today was the first day with my new mindset, new routine checklist and my new way to structure/reflect on my day. Today's routine checklist: Wake up early: 5:45 AMMeditation 20 minutes. Today's meditation wasn't as peaceful as yesterdays/day before. But I was able to focus and control my thoughts for the most part :) "I … Continue reading Day 22/ 365

Days 14-16/365

Day 14 was actually terrible. I don't even want to go into detail. By the time day 15 ended my stress was significantly reduced. Today is day 16 which went by very fast. Day 15/16 were completely business focused. Managed my groceries today. Day 14 was a day almost completely wasted by allowing someones words … Continue reading Days 14-16/365

Days 10-13/365

These past couple days have been a lot. Life doesn't always go the way we want it to and following a routine is definitely not possible when you are faced with life-changing circumstances. These past few days were just a lot to deal with. I've had a tremendous amount of stress related not only to … Continue reading Days 10-13/365