Day 91 (Last day of the 90 Day Challenge Reflection)

So yesterday concluded the last day of the 90 (91) day challenge I started on March 1st. I meant to post this yesterday but ran out of time. Although today is my official 27th birthday – this year is extra special since I kind of got 2 birthdays as yesterday my work family at Portfolio Home Trends surprised me with an early birthday celebration and today I celebrated with the rest of my family. It was a great relaxing day. My family pretty much took care of everything: cooking lasagne, baking cake, preparing the rest of the food, setting everything up, etc. Thank you to you all ❤

Anyhow, I wanted to take out time today (I do this before every birthday especially since I hit 25 years) to not only reflect on this past year but especially these past 90 days. Yesterday, while driving home from work, I paused my thoughts to reflect on what I was doing and how I was feeling on that exact day a year before. I had some happy upbeat music blasted in my car while I was having this thought and all of a sudden I had this rush of emotions and I bursted into tears -without even meaning to. I was surprised at my ability to basically go back into time to experience my exact feelings and emotions from a year ago. I was at such a terrible place emotionally last year around this time. I went into my birthday being the most upset I have ever been in my entire existence. I guess I will always have that year to look back on as a breaking point in my life.

From that day till today, I have made tremendous change and tremendous improvement. I am by no means where I want to be in my life – but I am so thankful to God for leading me to a much better path. This path is about:

  • challenging myself to be my best self with each new day
  • competition with no one but myself
  • love – to myself first and hopefully when I reach the point where I am full, it will flow to others naturally
  • self-acceptance
  • zero judgements to anyone, myself included
  • zero comparisons with anyone but myself
  • freedom to be who I want to be without trying to seek the approval of anyone but myself
  • freedom to do what I want to do, freedom for my thoughts, my feelings etc.
  • kindness and forgiveness to all – I still struggle with the 2nd bit but it is a journey

I have never felt so happy in my life. Of course, I have some down days, as any living person does but for the most part – I am completely happy and content with myself and my life. It was a huge struggle to get here but I think I’ve made it. Until now, I never truly got a chance to be who I wanted to be. I was just trying to figure it out and basing my decisions and actions on other’s expectations and who they expected me to be. This new found freedom is so liberating and I am so happy to have found a new balance. The one major factor in finding this freedom has been taking responsibility for my own happiness. I used to have this misconception that other people were responsible to make me happy. I am so thankful to have realized that it is no one’s responsibility to make me happy but myself. I am responsible for my own happiness and happiness comes from no one but myself. This thought has given me so much freedom (and happiness) – it’s actually unbelievable.

I still have so much more to accomplish but I’ve started the journey. I’ve made progress on the journey and I am so so looking forward to continuing this journey. Today, I wish to start a new 365 Day Challenge. Day 1 being tomorrow as it is a fresh new week and a fresh new month and for me, a fresh new year. I will continue to check in here just to monitor my progress and reflect on my journey as I find it helps me tremendously. My goal for this new challenge is just further self-improvement.

I want to:

  • connect with gurbani & God
  • focus on spirituality and meditation
  • progress on my weight lifting journey to look better, feel better & get stronger
  • focus on all aspects of health, wellness & happiness – healthy eating, cooking my own meals, physical fitness, yoga, meditation, daily walks, spending time in nature, exploring the universe around me, just overall being productive, etc.
  • limit TV to the point that I hardly ever watch it
  • learn how to love without expectations
  • focus on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health
  • learn more about myself
  • much much more that I will share throughout the year 🙂

Thanks for tuning in but I think this is it for now. I am ready to take this new challenge just one day at a time!

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