Day 71/90

20 Days left of this challenge. Today was a typical Sunday. I wasn’t completely lazy as I made cake for mothers day 🙂 did some laundry and cleaned up after all the mess I made from the cake in the kitchen and spent time with my family and mom to celebrate mothers day. I did sleep in in the morning and I guess that will be my motivation to get out of bed early tomorrow – I already slept for tomorrow today.

I am still as motivated as I was yesterday. I did allow myself to indulge today (pizza and cake) because not only was it Mothers day, it was also Sunday – a day I always like to allow myself to relax and just take it easy.

I made the best carrot cake EVER. This is a recipe I make for mothers day and my moms birthday almost every year as she loves it so much. I will share on the blog later. 🙂

I guess for this week ahead I just plan to find a balance between time for my personal stuff and time for work. I’ll check in tomorrow.

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