Day 70/91

So last time I was here, I said that for the last 30 days of my life as 26, I will cut out tv to re-focus on my goals and happiness. I didn’t really get to that a lot because I think I didn’t want it enough and honestly, chose to be lazy instead (along with work priorities – but I really need to learn to manage that).

I am back and now much more motivated (since I have less time left – 3 weeks/21 days). I want to spend the next last 21 days of my 90 day challenge that I had originally started on April 1st to take this whole challenge to a whole other level. I want to stay consistent, motivated, check in here everyday and just overall more aware of how I am spending my time, how I am eating, being disciplined, etc. 21 Days is not too much to do anything but I’ve heard in the past that that’s how long it takes to make a habit. Over the next 21 days, as a gift to myself I want to begin to make some habits that I will take with me to my 27th year. I am excited and I think if I postpone if now, I will not be able to get everything that I wanted from this challenge. If however I utilize the next 3 weeks to the best of my abilities – I will be very happy and proud of myself and it will be the perfect birthday gift for myself. I want to do this for me and I am very excited to do that.

My sister and I had a crazy dance session today as today’s workout. I don’t really know how to dance but I go crazy anyways because I am doing it in the comfort of my own home and there are absolutely no judgements. It was SUPER fun and now I am SUPER excited for tomorrow and for the next 3 weeks.

My goals:

  • just work hard, accomplishing the maximum I can each day without burning myself out
  • wake up earlier – latest 7 AM so I can accomplish more ^. Try to wake up exactly 6 hours after going to bed and getting ready for sleep
  • focus on recovery, so I am able to accomplish more. Stretch, steam, vibration machine, massage, roller, yin yoga etc.
  • Eat healthy, eat smaller portions and eat light meals only to remain energetic – cut out all non-natural sugars – the next sweet thing will be birthday cake (after tomorrows mothers day cake – last day I am allowing myself to indulge before May 31st) :D. Natural sugars can be consumed as much as I want. Consume lots of protein and lots of fruits and veggies. Drink lots of water
  • Take a multivitamin or green energy drink (also a type of multivitamins), Iron+B12 everyday, bach flower remedies for emotional/mental health
  • Take care of my skin
  • Meditate everyday
  • Stay P O S I T I V E stay P R O D U C T I V E
  • NO T E L E V I S I O N whatsoever
  • focus on my blog and physical activity

I want to end by saying that I really really really want to do this for myself. I will keep writing about it to help me in my journey. Mostly to positivity and better health. Looking forward 🙂

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