Day 54 & 55 /91

I forgot to check in but the last 2 days have been really exciting. They were somewhat successful days especially in terms of emotional and mental health.

Day 54 highlight: We got a weight lifting machine for our home gym installed (inspire fitness scs smith cage system)

Day 55 highlight: beachbody released a few new programs on Beachbody on Demand – one of them being Barre Blend – a program I am SO looking forward to. I saw this program a couple weeks ago when I was looking for a new program to follow but then realized it’s locked/requires an upgrade to my membership. I was kind of sad about this and was hoping that eventually they’d make it available for all beachbody on demand members. And yesterday – that’s exactly what happened. I have so much respect for the instructor – Elise Joan. It feels like I’ve known her for years since I’ve been working out with the 3 week yoga retreat videos (a program she contributed in) – videos that I used to start my yoga journey. It was such a nice program and Elisa seems like such a wonderful person and I am so excited to try another program by her. I am just so so looking forward to this program. Will officially get started with it on Monday. 🙂

Another Day 55 highlight: Yesterday, April 25th 2020, I started my weight lifting journey. Now that we have a super cool all-in-one weight machine in our own home, I will definitely make use of it and start incorporating weight lifting into my workouts. On Monday April 13th is the day that I decided that I want to start lifting weights again. It’s been (almost) 2 full years that I first got a personal trainer who wanted me to focus on weight training. My personal training sessions lasted a couple months before I stopped. I always wanted to focus on yoga and swimming and walking and basically any non weight lifting exercise I could think of because I just felt that weight training is not for me. I thought that I am too weak of a person for that form of exercise and will be better suited for other forms of exercise. Now, I don’t know exactly what changed my mind. I think it’s part watching my sister and another fitness enthusiast (who started her weight lifting journey right in front of me and shared it on instagram) completely change their bodies and moods all from weight training. I think I always have known the immense number of benefits of strength and resistance training in particular but until now, I just wasn’t ready for it – mentally or physically.  But something just clicked and on April 13th, I reached out to my old PT from 2018 to tell her that NOW, I am finally ready for it. Later, my husband decided to invest in this multi-purpose weight machine – something I had no idea would happen so fast but it did and yesterday was officially Day 1 of my strength and resistance training/ weight lifting journey. I completed my first workout that incorporated some machine (arm) exercises (also included some core exercises with my husband and some additional arm exercises with 3, 5 and 8 lb hand weights). It is something I am so so excited about and this is what my personal trainer said to me about weight training ‘It will also benefit you MENTALLY. Trust me, I’m going crazy without the gym. Once you get into the routine and start to get stronger, you will understand.’ and just after one workout, I am already feeling SO pumped. My mood is SO positive. I’m still feeling a high from yesterdays workout and can’t wait for the rest of this journey. So so so looking forward to it. Strength training is something so personal. You don’t compare yourself to ANYONE else. No one else’s success, progress or capability matters because you are on your OWN journey. The focus is completely on YOURSELF. You are constantly trying to lift MORE weight and be BETTER than yesterday. And that is the whole purpose of life – trying to be better EVERYDAY and now I am SO excited to have one more thing (one that is a complete mood booster) to try to be better at everyday.

Will be back with some more later!

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