what I want

Today, I am working on refocusing my life/and my blog. I am going over all my previous posts and coming up with some content that is meant to help me re-focus my life (it’s something that’s desperately needed right now as I’ve been feeling a bit low this past week due to physical pain and then emotional eating – need to break the cycle by refocusing). Here is a list of things I want in life, things I want to achieve through blogging and things i want to achieve from life (in no relevant order)

  1. I want to have an appreciation for life
  2. I want to have balance – in all aspects of life
  3. i want to live a well-balanced life
  4. i want to be better
  5. i want to always count my blessings
  6. i want to capture my life
  7. i want change – for the better
  8. i want clarity
  9. i want confidence
  10. i want to connect with myself, with God, with others
  11. I want to live consciously
  12. I want consistency in life
  13. I want to contribute to the world in my own way that is true to myself
  14. I want to dig deeper into understanding the meaning of life
  15. i want to find my purpose
  16. i want to find what gives my life the most meaning
  17. I want to be healthy
  18. I want to be physically fit
  19. I want to experience everything I possibly can
  20. I want to fulfill my goals
  21. I want to be grateful always
  22. I want to be able to connect with gurbani
  23. I want to be happy
  24. i want to live a healthier, happier and more purposeful life
  25. I want to prioritize my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health
  26. I want to always strive to improve as a person
  27. I want to inspire and be inspired
  28. I want to discover all there is to know about myself
  29. I want to challenge myself
  30. I want to be productive
  31. I want to be creative
  32. I want to be useful
  33. I want to share whatever I am good at with the world
  34. I want my legacy to be a well-lived life
  35. I want to reach my highest potential
  36. personal-development
  37. I want routine.
  38. I want organization.
  39. I want to be the best version of myself I can possibly be.

As I was working on this list, I realize my blog post What I Know For Certain has a whole list of things I ‘want’. I will leave this as is for now and work on combining this list later.

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