Reasons why I blog (and why you should too)

Here are my personal reasons for blogging (in no relevant order):

  1. for accountability – just to myself
  2. to explore the universe of thoughts inside me
  3. to connect with myself
  4. to keep an inventory of everything: my thoughts, my progress towards my goals, my highs, my lows, my recipes, my travels, my experiences, my knowledge, etc.
  5. for creativity – to get my creative juices flowing
  6. to relax and de-stress
  7. to find a deeper meaning to life
  8. a place to set goals and then work on accomplishing them
  9. to be able to progress on goals (and a place where I can actually come to see the progress)
  10. for happiness
  11. for productivity
  12. for sharing – everything and anything I want to share that might be useful to anyone else
  13. it’s my journal
  14. to analyze
  15. to learn more about myself and the world
  16. for life-management
  17. for my mental and emotional health
  18. to keep myself motivated
  19. an outlet for all my thoughts
  20. to discover my passions
  21. for personal development
  22. to create a platform for anything and everything but especially where I can look back, assess, monitor, etc.
  23. to stay positive
  24. so I can look back at my thoughts and outlook on life at various stages of my life
  25. to find my purpose through writing
  26. to share my recipes
  27. for future reference
  28. to reflect
  29. a place to refocus
  30. for self-betterment, self-comanionship, self-empowerment, self-fulfillment, self-help, self-improvement, self-love, self-transformation
  31. to give love to myself
  32. it helps me in writing my story
  33. for future assessment
  34. to help in conscious living
  35. to appreciate life
  36. to do something other than watch tv
  37. to manage my life
  38. to document, track and progress on my fitness, health, spiritual, mental & emotional journey

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