Day 53/91

Today was a non structured day and I’ve realized that the days that my days are non structured – I am the least happy. So I get the most happiness from having structured days and from consciously trying to make effort to fulfill the things in my daily routine. I didn’t do that much this week. Last week, I started doing too many things at once and it caused me to kind of collapse. I am going to work on detoxification and cleansing my body for the rest of the month. And to try and get back into my positive/productive mindset.

My body feels a bit stiff so I need to change that but I need to ease into whatever I choose to do.

My life goals have changed a bit. My new goal which I think I mentioned here on my blog earlier is to be/feel/look physically happy, satisfied, strong, etc. I am giving myself a year – until my 28th birthday to make that happen. It is something that I want to take my time with because it is something I want for it to be a lifestyle rather than temporary. I do not want to rush into, I want it to stick! I guess the goal for this birthday is to start working on this goal, while starting to get to know myself better.

I had a thought to go over all my previous blog posts to learn more about myself so I can re-structure my life again. I will make lists for me to reference for the future. Whatever different topics I can get from all the things I’ve already wrote about all over. The point is to get lists that will be useful for me in my life in terms of knowing my goals, what makes me happy, what motivates me, what’s important to me, etc.

I’m going to start working on it now šŸ™‚

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