Day 47-50

So last week started off very good, with accomplishing almost 100% of my daily routine. However, I guess after 3 days of over extending myself, I kind of crashed (it happens often). I still kept up (mostly) with healthy eating and my routine but in no way was it as productive as the M-W. I got exhausted and I always allow myself to take breaks when I really need them.

Today, I prepared for the week ahead by cleaning up. My mom and cousin came over to help me clean because it’s just way too much for one person. I am feeling peaceful since most of the house is neat and tidy.

My goals for the week ahead is still the same – focus on the things in my routine. I think I consider ticking off 9-10 things off the routine daily very successful. I don’t think It’s fair to ask myself to try and do everything all at once since my body is actually not used to working so hard. I want to take it there, most definitely but I am not there yet so I am going to take a little bit of a step back so I can ease into working harder/doing more.

My goal will be to atleast keep up with the daily reflections this week and try not to get so fatigued that I almost feel sick.

Looking forward to the week ahead – as always. Have a lot to do (As always) but especially for work and I’m looking forward to getting things done.

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