Day 46/91

Today was another great day.

For physical activity, I did 30 mins of walk and 30 mins of yoga. I skipped exercise today because I ended up working late and was kind of hungry by time I came home plus I even look completely exhausted – as my husband put it.

For diet:

  • lemon water
  • juice
  • lunch: daal and quinoa followed by 3 portfolio chocolates (i don’t know why I’ve gotten into a habit of wanting something sweet to eat after meals these days but I am going to allow myself this for this week and will probably make it a goal to cut it out next week)
  • snack: grapes
  • dinner: daal, quinoa, gajjer mutter sabzi
  • dessert: few sips of tea with homemade carrot cake

By the time I go to bed, I will have completed 92% of my routine which is the same as yesterday! I am happy and feeling accomplished and productive. Thanks to my mom who helped me fulfill 1 of the points in my routine these past 2 days by cooking my meals for me!

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