Day 44/91

Today was a good start to a fresh new week. Week 7 of the 13 weeks in my challenge. I am feeling extra motivated this week as I wasn’t able to fully focus in the past 6 weeks but I still have more than half the time left and still enough time to make significant improvement.

As I intended yesterday, for the next 7 weeks I want to prioritize my physical health. Eat healthy and homemade and spend 1.5 hours on physical activity. Today was a huge success! I accomplished 30 mins of yoga (3 week yoga retreat, week 2, day 1), 30 mins of exercise (Repeat of my 1st PT session back from when I first started – routine already shared on my blog previously) and 30 mins of fast-paced walking.

In terms of diet, it was also (almost) successful for the most part. I did cheat and eat 4 small portfolio chocolates in the afternoon but other than that, it was my usual healthy foods: fresh juice, oats for breakfast, 2 slices of homemade whole wheat pizza and 1/2 sweet potato for lunch, vegan protein shake after my workout and homemade yogurt for dinner (I am too exhausted at the end of the day to eat as I just finished taking a steam shower and am completely drained!) I also do want to make it a point of eating less at night because from my past experience, this simple habit helps me to maintain a flatter stomach.

As a highlight, I got in touch with my Personal Trainer from 2 years ago to restart personal training sessions. I am super motivated right now and I don’t want to lose this motivation and I want someone to keep my accountable. I am sure I can try to attempt this on my own but I rather have the support of someone as that makes this whole thing a little bit easier. We planned on doing 1 session a week to start off, and I will commit to 4-5 workouts during the week on my own. I will report to her daily on my physical activity in that day along with daily updates on my diet. We will start next week and today and she asked me to focus on cardio this week to build up some endurance for our session next week. Today’s tip from her was also to incorporate more water into my diet. I know this but it’s nice to get a reminder!

All in all, great start to this week. A super great day. It ended perfectly with a steam bath after my workout with my husband followed by a cold water shower. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. I am so happy and excited about my journey in this new home. It has so many awesome features that I’m looking forward to enjoying!

Thanks for reading. I will be back tomorrow 🙂 Tomorrow’s goals are to maintain everything I did today on a priority + anything else I can fit in from the original daily routine that I created and shared here in the past!

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