Day 36/91

Today was a pretty relaxing Sunday. I got a lot of my house cleaned and organized and got a lot of time to relax and sleep in. I started the day off enjoying time in our steam room. My new house has a steam room and sauna which is pretty awesome! I researched a whole lot of benefits of steam so I am very excited about this feature in my new home.

Anyways, I am looking forward to getting somewhat back to my normal routine tomorrow. It is a fresh new week and week 6 of my 91 day challenge. Since my house is kind of organized, I am hoping to reprioritize my physical health.

My goals and intentions for the week ahead are:

  • Meditation – try to make it a point to do this and become more focussed
  • Gratitude journal daily
  • Gurbani, atleast daily nitnem
  • Healthy and mindful eating, cooking all my own meals
  • yoga (3 week yoga retreat week 2)
  • exercise (clean week)
  • walking Mayhem or playing with him outside
  • Cleaning and organizing
  • Work (work 4-5 hours this week as I spend additional time cleaning and organizing)

Let’s see how it goes! Hoping for the best and looking forward to another week of life ❤

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