Day 34, 35 /91

I don’t know how I missed writing a post yesterday. As I was getting ready for bed, I was about to do a reflection but then thought I had already done one in the morning so decided to skip it. Anyhow, yesterday was a work-day and nothing was accomplished for my house. Today was fully devoted to getting my kitchen done. I am proud to say that the kitchen is all set up with the help of my sister and cousin (thanks guys!). Anyways, I am suddenly feeling a very low energy level. I don’t know what happened but it’s like my body has just completely shut off and wants to do nothing more. I am going to try and listen to it.

Amid this whole pandemic I haven’t exactly been following the suggested social distancing advice because there have just been things that have had to get done. I’ve been washing my hands as much as I can and trying to avoid touching my face although I have the most terrible habit of touching it accidentally. After the amber alert sent out today, I decided I want to heed the advice of Ontario and do what I can to stop the spread. I really want to do my part although with my current situation it’s kind of difficult. We have moved in to an unfinished house and we must get it completed in order to support our business. It is considered ‘essential’ but other than that, I am going to do my part to stop the spread. My sister and cousin have been very kind to take a risk and leave their home to come help me but after the amber alert today and some additional thought, I decided that it isn’t really fair of me to ask them to do this. I will work on the rest of it myself. I’ll only go our for what’s absolutely necessary and will otherwise do my part by staying home and isolated.

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