Day 33/91

So today was my official first day in my new home. We got in very late yesterday and were completely exhausted by the time we finished with moving all of our stuff. I had to sleep in today to recover and still feel as though it was not enough sleep. Regardless, I took it easy today because I almost felt sick from the exhaustion. I didn’t really do much today… just little things like finding my basic things took up a lot of time. Our house wasn’t completely ready when we moved in so a lot of time was spent moving Mayhem around so that the contractors wouldn’t be in contact with him (he tends to scare most people). Although it wasn’t a very productive day in terms of having a lot to show for it, a lot of little things added up to take up most of my day.

In terms of physical health: I fit in a lot of walking going up and down finding my things and an actual walk in my new neighbourhood and that’s basically about it.

In terms of eating, everything was healthy. Started the day with fresh juice, had oats for breakfast, daal with lemon for lunch, homemade chocolate milk as a snack and brown rice with vegetables for dinner. Cooked by my lovely mom ❤

In terms of the rest of my daily routine, I was kind of lacking today. I want to get my house as organized as I can by Sunday so I can begin to focus more on my daily routine starting next week. That’s basically the plan for the rest of this week, including weekend. Tomorrow is payroll, so I’ll have to make some time to work tomorrow.

In terms of my new house, it’s going to be a lot of time before I get fully adjusted to all the new things. Everything is new and different and smart! It will take some time but I’m looking forward to the journey. The best part of my experience so far was the toilet in my master bedroom washroom. It plays a lovely piece of music for you when you sit on it. Plus it’s heated and that feels oh so good! It does a lot more too which was really cool to discover. To find out more, visit Portfolio Home Trends!! Thanks for tuning in.

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