Day 32: Welcome April

So since it’s past midnight, it’s technically day 32 of my 91 Day challenge. That means 60 days left. All of April and all of May. 2 full months. 1/3 of the time for this challenge. A lot of significant and consistent change hasn’t happened in the previous 31 days, unfortunately. You set your mind to something, but life has it’s way of getting in the way. Honestly speaking, it’s not just that. It’s just SO so so hard to really be consistent with something. Life is in phases. So are days. Some are good and some are bad. I really do like the habit of routine and consistency. But let’s be real, there are so many outside distractions that really get in the way. It’s not only that, but to follow something you set your mind to requires a lot of motivation and dedication. And that requires me to be in a good place mentally and emotionally. But it’s so easy to be thrown off. Things that are not in my control have the habit of getting in the way. Work/business stress can’t be controlled but definitely is a huge factor in my personal life. Some days, I don’t have the luxury of personal time after waking up because work requires my immediate attention.

I guess how I want to focus in the next phase of my life (new home, new month, new quarter, new chapter) is to really get in the routine of making mornings ‘me’ time. It’s so much easier to have personal time in the mornings because there are no distractions. Usually by the time I get up, I have no choice but to start with work because it’s actually time for work. That’s one and the most important change I want in the new chapter of life because I know it’s the only change that will be able to help take me towards the direction I want. I don’t think I really enjoy following a routine set in stone everyday because I kind of lost my motivation with that. I think I have to discover what really drives me so I can be more productive and successful with my time and goals.

I think I need about 2.5 hours of personal time in the morning to spend with myself so I can learn about what motivates me and to fulfill my current goal. Right now the goal that’s driving me the most is my physical health. I want to look better. I want to feel better. I want to gain strength and muscle. I know when this starts happening, it helps with other aspects of health such as emotional and mental because everything is kind of related and it’s scientifically proven that exercise makes you feel good. So in this next chapter, that’s specifically what I want to focus on: my physical health (through exercise and healthy eating).

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