Day 61/90

It feels like forever since I checked in here. Every time a new week or new month hits, I regain a bit of motivation. Recently, it hasn't been that I am not motivated. In fact, I managed a lot of productivity. It's just that I've also been binge-watching TV and that always makes me feel … Continue reading Day 61/90

Day 53/91

Today was a non structured day and I've realized that the days that my days are non structured - I am the least happy. So I get the most happiness from having structured days and from consciously trying to make effort to fulfill the things in my daily routine. I didn't do that much this … Continue reading Day 53/91

Day 47-50

So last week started off very good, with accomplishing almost 100% of my daily routine. However, I guess after 3 days of over extending myself, I kind of crashed (it happens often). I still kept up (mostly) with healthy eating and my routine but in no way was it as productive as the M-W. I … Continue reading Day 47-50