Week 5 of 90 Day Challenge

So today is a new week of my 90 Day Challenge. 4 weeks have passed and today marks the 5th week. There have been SO much changes in my life (and in the world) that have taken place in this amount of time that it’s crazy!! The global pandemic, a situation with Mayhem’s tail, selling my house, preparing to move into a new house, having had to layoff employees and close our showroom, packing, hurting my back and neck, eating a lot of junk while at home to experience ‘fun’ and to cope with boredom and being overwhelmed… last week was not normal or similar to any of the previous weeks I’ve had in this challenge, that is for sure!! In these next 3 days, I will have packed all my stuff and move into my new home by Wednesday. But amid this project (it is a project! – requires a LOT of work, time and dedication.), I have decided that one week of sluggish behaviour is and was enough. I got to experience how it feels to be mostly off work and quarantined. I allowed myself to binge-watch netflix shows (some very awesome ones, I should add), binge-eat lindor chocolates, chips, and pizza (this is my husband’s idea of ‘having fun’), binge-spend time on social media and binge-spend a lot of time doing absolutely nothing. It was definitely an experience and fun in a way. I slept in everyday. Followed no routine. Wasn’t worried about going in to work. It felt like we were part of current humanity – because that’s kind of what people are doing right now and we were excited to experience a kind of vacation in our home. In my 3.5 years of marriage, I have never actually had a week like this (at home) which included my husband. He is almost always always always working or thinking of work, but even he allowed himself a couple of days during this pandemic to relax and do nothing (though, technically, it wasn’t really nothing because he covered for all his PM’s and did a lot of site visits but since it was kind of fun to drive around and check the progress of all projects in different cities – I am not considering that work… though it was.) Anyways, I think we both had enough and we are back to work mode. As we have our own business(es), we really don’t have the luxury to shut ourselves or our businesses down and sit at home. I wouldn’t mind doing that, if it was possible but we have bills to pay that won’t stop and cannot be deferred despite this pandemic. That’s why it is back-to-work mode immediately from Monday morning.

I just wanted to take a moment to set goals for this week:

  • get back to the routine of following my routine 🙂
  • start eating healthy (and homemade) again
  • maybe try to re-do week 2 of my 3 week yoga retreat as last week was the 2nd week but I had to stop mid-way due to hurting my back/neck (still hurts, but is much better and I can skip the poses that cause pain – atleast I will be doing something which is better than nothing =))
  • walk Mayhem twice a day for atleast half an hour total
  • get back on track with my work duties (whatever is necessary to function)
  • get everything packed and ready for moving (and move) (by April 1st)
  • get everything organized in my new house before next week (by April 5th)
  • cut out TV again – spend the time blogging instead
  • make some time for meditation and gurbani (always supposed to be a priority for me, but of course my tendency is to skip what’s most important for my soul!! – going to try and fix that this week)

I think that will be MORE than enough for this week. I am SUPER excited to being productive and I have a LOT to do and look forward to.

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