Day 17/91

Today was a good day. It wasn’t the best stress-wise, but nonetheless I am grateful. This habit of gratitude is really helping me to shift my entire mindset. That’s why I always knew that writing would bring about the best changes in my life. My husband is downstairs watching TV and although I insisted he come up with me, he insisted I stay down with him, I made the decision to come up and finish as much of my daily routine that I possibly can before going to bed. He decided to stay down to watch some TV.

Just like yesterday, I accomplished a lot of what I want to accomplish on a daily basis today, although I checked off some different things on the checklist. Today, (by the time I finish my day), I will have completed 74% of my daily routine – which I consider very successful. It’s 2% higher than yesterday, which is always a plus. I am looking forward to the rest of this week (and journey)!

Although I am sore from being overly ambitious yesterday, I still managed to do Day 2 of the 3 week yoga retreat and I was hoping to also be able to fit in the clean week video before heading to bed today – but I had to skip it as I just didn’t have the energy required and I want to be kind to my body. Even if I am able to fit in just one 30 min session in one day, along with daily walking (which I was able to fit in today), I consider it a successful day, physical health wise.

Lemon water
Fresh Juice
Lunch: tofu and veggies
Dinner: Daal (lentils)
Dessert: 1 homemade carrot muffin + 1 homemade banana protein bar with maple syrup
I didn’t consume too many calories today, that’s why I allowed myself dessert, because I just wanted to treat myself just because. Everything is homemade and very low on the sugar and I like to allow myself these kind of treats when I want them.

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