Daily Routine Checklist

So this is the list that I have been coming up with/preparing/finalizing over the past couple of months and spent much more time on it during this 91 day challenge and finally made it in a way now that it is shareable on this blog in a way that makes sense. I am so excited to share this and I am looking forward to the day where I am able to do 80-90% of the things that are on this list. I might add to it in the future but as of today, this is the finalized list that I plan to follow, atleast for this entire week.

Routine Checklist (45 Items)

Wake up
Lemon Water
Morning Walk
Morning Shower
Get dressed
Morning Skincare
Prep&pack food
Listen to kirtan
Clean kitchen
Make my bed
Organize/declutter house
Feed Mayhem
Fresh Juice
Iron + B12
Go to work
Listen to kirtan
Be productive at work
Come home after work
Listen to kirtan
Prep food
Snack (if needed)
Rehras Sahib
Evening Walk
Quick shower
Clean kitchen
Organize/declutter house
Daily reflection
Brush teeth/wear retainer
Evening skincare
Moisturize feet
Diffuser with essential oils
Sohila Sahib
Cuddle with hubby
Go to bed 

Overall checklist (throughout the day) (6 Items)

Lots of water
Bach Flower Remedies
Mindful eating, drinking
Healthy food
Homemade food
No tv

Daily virtues (3 Items)

Positivity, Happiness
Love & Kindness

I have 45 items in the routine checklist, 6 items in the overall checklist and 3 items in the virtues checklist – for a total of 54 things of which I want to try and accomplish as many as I can in one day. I am not going to beat myself up for not being perfect. This list is simply there to help me live my best life and as I go through this journey, I will learn if I am asking too much of myself or if all this is attainable. I am simply looking forward to the journey and for trying to get better with each new day.

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