Day 14-15/91

This past weekend was a bit of a bad one. I had a very bad situation happen that I don’t want to go into details (it causes me to too much emotional pain). Anyhow, I didn’t check in here as I was very much occupied with other things. Tomorrow will be Day 16/91 and a fresh new week and I wish to kind of look at this as a fresh start. One definite goal is to be more disciplined. If there is one thing that I need to be doing for myself, it is to follow what I want to follow and without doing that, there is no discipline.

So, before I sleep today, I want to finalize my daily routine checklist and post it on this blog. And then for going forward, I want to be disciplined enough to simply check off the completed things off the list and do my daily reflection. That is one way in which I want to be disciplined going forward.

In each daily reflection, I want to: list everything I ate that day (because that’s an easy way for me to see that I am making good health decisions – one goal); list all my physical activity that day (because that’s an easy way for me to make sure that I am doing what I want for myself physically – another goal); and lastly list all of the gurbani I was able to read (whether I read it with understanding it or not) that day. I think this will be a good way to begin. This all goes together with my daily checklist, but I want to be able to reflect on these things in particular for the week ahead.

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